Adoptable animals

Jack has a gentle and submissive nature and is great with all dogs both big and small!


Jack is a handsome brindle Boxer/Pit Bull mix who is about one year old. At 60 pounds, he dons a gorgeous brindle coat, a lean yet muscular body and a heart made out of gold. As you can see from the photos, Jack is great with ALL dogs both big and small. Like most dogs, […]

Junior is a young pup who loves everyone and all dogs too!


Junior is a young English Pointer/Pit Bull mix at about one year of age. At 46 pounds, and with the softest, shiniest coat EVER, Junior is the perfect medium-sized dog for any house or apartment. Junior is an attentive dog who knows his name, sits on command, responds amazingly to direction and loves to PLAY […]

I may be dog-selective but I'm undiscriminating when it comes to people!


Gorgeous. Regal. Gentle giant. These are just some of the adjectives that come to mind when describing Rusty. Rusty is believed to be some version of the Bullmastiff breed. Most likely an African Boerboel. Rusty is 5 years old and was surrendered to a high-kill shelter in New York City when his family could no […]

I might bite you but I will also love you unconditionally!


Yougene is a two year old Yorkshire Terrier. This young guy has so many great qualities but also has some others which require that he go into an experienced home and one with no children. Yougene LOVES to go for walks, but he doesn’t love strangers so much. So the occasional passerby stopping to pet […]

If you are my new BFF I will shower you with kisses. Promise.


Maggie is a young dog at about 9 months old, which means she’s pretty much just a pup. She is a beautiful Pit Bull mix with the softest cow-colored coat. Maggie is great with other dogs her size or bigger. Small dogs tend to get her too excited, but she’s not aggressive what-so-ever. She also […]